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Control is the keyword. For any corporate web site, the update of content is of utmost importance. The older ways of engaging third-party webmasters to update the content of your website is long gone! We provide a complete solution to manage the content of your corporate website.

The content controller of your organization would have the full control of any content on the web site by using our CMS's easy-to-use user interface. Anybody who knows how to operate any word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro, Word Perfect) will have no problem managing the website's content.

Key features: -
a) Manage CMS users
b) Apply approval rules to the content
c) Manage all the files used for the website (e.g. images, HTML documents)
d) WYSIWYG HTML editing interface (NO HTML knowledge required)
e) Schedule content to be viewed in the website or archived

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