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Fast Forward Web Sites

Speed is the keyword. In our fast moving business & society, technology and methodology has to keep up. We provide our customer with a huge selection of web site templates that they can choose from, hence speeding up, if not, removing the whole process of user requirements and the mock-up design phase in ANY web site development project. We want to ensure our customers get online at the shortest possible time.

Customized Web Site Development

Of course, if our customer does not find anything they like in the web site template database, our highly experienced web site consultants and designers will be able to build a web site up to our customer's needs.
We cover many technologies that are in use for the design and development of a website. Here are some of our skill sets: -

b) Scripting Language (e.g. Javascript, VBScript)
c) Artists
d) Digitizers/Illustrators
e) Flash based multimedia content/design
f) Shockwave based multimedia content/design

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